All my cute art needs


Finally got my act together and getting all my cute creatures out into the world…heres a small sample thanks @dan and all those amazing glowforge team members!!


Hard to pick a favorite! (Keep 'em coming!) :wink:


Thanks. These made me smile today.


:heart_eyes: wow, those are so adorable! Made me very happy to see them!!


very, nice how are they colored?


Watercolor and pencil with a spray lacquer


That alI can ask…thanks and thanks




Knew by the first picture who the post was by … Gorgeous work! Love the gator!


So fun!


Those are amazing, great work.


I am constantly amazed at the talent and creativity of the people on this forum. Spacing the figures off of the background really works well. :grinning:


These are so fun! The grain of the wood adds a lot of movement to the bear!


These are really cool.
I’m particularly taken with the drippy blue-haired one. What size are they?


Those. Are. Awesome! More, please. :slight_smile:


10x10…I usual make my pieces alot larger and use a scroll saw. Now I have multiple sizes at different prices for when I’m vending at festivals. Yay!



I’m gonna need access to more likes! They’re really fantastic! That cat!!


If you have Instagram…I’m onlostmonkey on there if youd like to take a gander!:blush:


Thanks! I just found onelostmonkey on Instagram. LOVE your art!