All the buildings . .

OK, a few months ago I came across an app/program the would show all the buildings in any entered city. Since I was in the middle of other projects I played with it and set it aside for later use. Now I am ready and the app has disappeared from my phone/computer. Has anyone else seen this app and would you, could you send me a link
Thanx, Craig

You might be referring to Google Earth (make sure the 3D Buildings box is ‘checked’)…

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Thank you. Immediately after posting I found it in the GF community as a download from the NY times its way cool

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Can you share the link?


Having problems with the link (my inexperience) but it is in the the GF Community Everything Else category, October 18…

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Here it is:

And the direct link:


LOL! I have no memory of posting that - but it is a cool map :stuck_out_tongue: I clearly never got around to carving it though :-/


I know this should be simple but how do I save a map so I can print it?

I was just interested in what you mentioned so I searched out the original sources. Haven’t tried it myself yet.

Hopefully someone else will pipe in for you.

I’m pretty sure the only way is to take a screenshot - they have a link to the actual database in the article, but that’s beyond my comprehension

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