All things cat OR I want a LEGO cat

Just stumbled on some REALLY cool cats made out of LEGO. Maybe there will be a new houseguest soon.


I just don’t know. They look pretty cool, but then in the context of the house, the Minecraft look is just kind of uncanny. Cats are soft and curly and circular. Lego is hard and square. Cognitive dissonance going on here. But very clever.

Minecraft cats are cute and cuddly! Here’s one I made for my daughter:

The dents and scratches are from love, I swear.


Considering how many square things I have around me it would fit right in. Also considering how prickley and stubborn my cat is … just saying.

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O wow, nice one! what’s it made of? Love that it looks a bit cross-eyed :smiley:

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It’s chipboard covered with paper. I printed the graphics directly from the game files.

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nice work and probably interchangable design. just print new graphics.

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