All Time Best High School Logo?

This has to be one of the all time best high school logos. My niece’s husband went to Moorhead High in Minnesota and posted his logo on his FaceBook page. I just had to make some coasters from the logo for him.

When I was a kid, we used to call people Spuds when they did something dumb. I got called a Spud a lot! Lol!!! It was kind of a cut, but it was an endearing cut, sort of like, that was really dumb but we still like you. I always liked the term, plus Spuds are great to grow and eat!!!

Since they live in one of the Great Lake States, also made a set of coasters of the Great Lakes for my niece.

Not a complicated project, but really appreciated by the recipients!!! Made on Basswood Proofgrade.


Nice! It would be nice if you could add the orange color, but since it’s finished Proofgrade your options are limited. Maybe brush paint with acrylic.


Those are some nice spuds!!!


Good suggestion!!!

I just purchased a set of acrylic paints for another project so that is a possibility if I do another Spud set of coasters!!! Used the acrylic paints for a Damselfly carving made on my CNC. Thanks for the suggestion!!! Although I am a terrible painter!!! Never could stay within the lines! :slight_smile:


These are great!

I get so tickled when I make something for someone. It just doesn’t get better than that!