Almost Forgot Easter

I was watching a movie called The Nun, and during one of the cemetery scenes there were wooden crosses with figures punched out of them.
Naturally, my first thought was I Can Do That On My Glowforge.
So, pause the movie and get crackling…

Thick MDF for a door artifact, came out nice with a faux wood grain texture. Wavy edges instead of straight made a bigger impact than I thought it would when doing it.
Then I was asked if it could be made into earrings.

It shrunk down really well.
A 3D engrave with the Purple/White even brought out the grain.

There you go. Just in time for Easter.


They look great! What are you using for the inlay? Is that two-tone acrylic?

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Artifact inlay was just purple acrylic pushed into the cutout. Nothing fancy. Was just going to leave it hallow (like the movie), but the wife was doing that thing with her lips, so…

The earrings are purple/white and roseGold/black 2 color (0.060).
Also thin leather and Maple, just to see how it looked in different materials.


Well, they look good with the inlay, so your wife’s instincts are excellent! :smile:

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Funny how they convey a thought without a word… and how we grow to interpret the expressions.


picking up subtle hints from the wife, nicely done.

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I think I’ll stick to cute bunnies.

Well done! As Glowforger … and as husband!

The inlay of the corpus is a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration. Perfect for Holy Week and gifts for those coming into the Church next Saturday.

Really nice! And so cool to be able to whip up such a high quality thing in such a short time.