Almost there

Finally got off my ash and burned some wood. I’m a big fan of 805laser on Etsy and have engraved this file on bamboo and it came out good. I was at woodworkers source in Tucson and they had the cherry natural edge ovals. So I got one for this purpose. As it turns out there was some rot in the center so I filled it with this wood filler I have. It came out ok, but The filler didn’t engrave well. So I’m going to redo it. I’ll take my shaper origin, route out a thin pocket, then make a matching plug out of cherry sand it all down and go again. I used proofgrade cherry plywood settings (thick).

I just need to figure out if I make it a wall hanging or coat it with food safe epoxy resin and make a serving board out of it. :thinking::rabbit2::hole:


Love his files! This looks great on the oval.


That turned out good. I have several of his as well.


so cool!


Really great looking!

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Really nice looking!


Really amazing depth! A simple 1/4" drill hole with the ends reamed out would allow hanging it. Etching out for display, but etching down for cutting or serving.

@rbtdanforth There’s no depth to 805laser’s designs - that’s all trick of the eye!

@djfb I’d say cheese plate/serving platter - but it’s going to be a drunk trap for anyone distracted enough to not realize it’s not actually 3D!
I’m surprised at how well the wood filler engraved. It definitely stands out, but still!


Yeah those depth-look files are really wonderful, and it came out great on the cherry.


Pretty sweet!

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