Almost time!

So my scheduled ship date is roughly 2 weeks out. I am very eager to get my email… As i am checking the estimated date daily, and putting my work space together. I am getting both excited and nervous at the same time. since i am new to the world of laser engraving and have 0 experience, i do not know what i don’t know. I was wondering if some of the Forgers can share some stories of their early laser experiences, with GF or others.

It’s utterly delightful and completely terrifying. (Like you said…at the same time.) :smile:

You’ll make a lot of mistakes…don’t fret about them, just make a different one next time. Give yourself time to learn to use the software - getting started on the tutorials now will speed that process up a lot:

Here first:
Learn By Doing - Your First Prints

Then here if you have more questions:


Thank you @Jules

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Just have fun with it. It’s a long voyage of discovery…take the time to enjoy it. You’ll have it for years. :wink:


I was completely new to laser, CNC and for the most part design software. New users like you and I are a big part of the company’s target market. The glowforge was made for us!
Of all my ignorance, learning the design software was the deepest hole to climb out of. Using the glowforge was a snap compared to that.
Jules devoted a lot of time to organizing and creating tutorials, a lot of others contributed too. After your workspace and venting prep are done, those tutorials are the best investment of your time to prepare yourself!

Your nervousness really is unwarranted, but understandable. You have a great adventure ahead of you -and you earned it, with an exemplary display of patience!
You will be blazing away before long. :sunglasses:


so, my starter kit of proof grade material came in last night!!! :smiley:
i can bet that my machine is not far behind.


02/20/2018 11:57 A.M. Delivered
Let the fun begin!!!