Aloha Newbie here --- several question, ideas, etc

Aloha GF Community,

I’m over the moon excited - to not only be an owner but part of this amazing family of creators.
I’m not sure if these questions have been answered already… i’ve read several chats but haven’t found my answers. please help

Plan: create custom patterned, colored, and glittered acrylic sheet.
CAN I: sublimation on a sheet of acrylic (first) then cut with the glowforge.
press HTV first ad then cutting with the GF, less inventory of colored acrylics.

Thank you all in advance!!


I’ve had no problem sublimating and then cutting, though I usually cut first then sublimate because of the shapes I’m doing.

As far as heat transfer vinyl, I would look at the material safety data sheet first to see in there is any hazardous materials in it.

You can’t cut regular vinyl because of the chlorine, but since I don’t know what each company uses in their products, I would say that you would need to research what the brand uses in it’s product and determine safety from there. I guess my own question would be, would the laser warp it if you did cut it on the GF? I did a quick google search, got this video.


Not sure what you searched for but the topic of “sublimation then cut” Has been covered a few times.

Sometimes it’s about knowing just the terms to search. In case you didn’t see these:

As for HTV, @cmadok is right on about pvc being a problem. The good news is hat most HTV is polyester (which is ok) , but you need to be 100% sure before you laser.


thank you very much

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super fabulous - thank you very much!

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I just printed on wood then cut… zero issues…


@Deleted could you please elaborate how you print on wood.

I can’t speak for @Deleted but you might find this interesting:


@reynoso THIS is the definitive way to transfer a photo to wood! (and how I did it!)

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Video is informative if a bit slow… but dude’s laser engrave is awful, he needs to figure out his settings and image prep.

Everybody’s a critic :stuck_out_tongue:
Sadly that is now youtube’s model, you gotta keep em watching, the longer they watch the more revenue.

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Thanks @evansd2 and @Deleted for the info.
Another rabbit hole to explore.
Never enough tools in your design toolbos.

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