Aloha! Welcome Home Kilaueaforge!

After consultation from my Native Hawaiian brethren the consensus was naming my GF, Pele was a really bad idea. Aside from the potential bad luck it might bring (if you believe in that stuff) respectfully it would be similar to me calling it Jehova, or Buddah, or the like. Soooo we decided that the name that was descriptive, and Hawaiian, AND an active forger of molten materials - the volcano Kilauea.

Uneventful unpacking - one shipping handle missing, one broken, box in good shape.
Easier than expected set up. Minor calibration issue resolved when stronger wifi signal acquired from closer hub.
Unbelievably easy first set up and cut of Founders Ruler. Intuitive layout, AMAZING to see the live image of the material on the bed and the ability to easily place artwork BLEW MY MIND.

PROOFGRADE!!! Ok so I know that in the future I will be delving deep into my own materials and settings but GF go on with your bad self with these proofgrades! I mean come on I just drop the material in and it immediately brings up the settings for it as well as a cute little PG material icon!! This feature to me is in a way like my digital SLR camera - I can manual set the heck out of it - BUT I can also go AUTO when I want instant gratification… or a baseline.

I have a co-worker who’s mom is a teacher who is waiting for her GF Basic to arrive for her classroom. My co-worker ask if I thought it would really be a good tool for her class and be as easy as it was hyped. I can enthusiastically now answer to him “YES! - those kids are going to create the future.”

Looking forward to sharing some personal projects in the coming weeks!

Mahalo and BIG UPS to Dan and the GF team for creating such an AMAZING tool for the masses.

Proud to be a Founder!


Yep, pretty much a mirror of my perception and experience.
What a great tool for a classroom!

Completely new to CNC and laser tech, but was engraving and cutting in less than 20 minutes.
Even though it was all new to me, I have read enough over the past two years to have a pretty good concept of what was previously required to accomplish anything on a traditional laser.
These guys changed the playing field. :sunglasses::muscle:

I feel the same way… Title Pride


Glad it has arrived! Forge well together! :sunglasses::+1:


That’s great!



(And yeah, “Pele” woulda just been asking for it :slight_smile:)

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Awesome news! Good for you! Have fun!

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The naming of anything is always very serious business, and can have unintended consequences if not done with thought and care. You did well I think. Friend from Hawaii once had a dog she named Ikaika Kea Kiapolo and she lived up to her name.

For the record, the Buddha would not mind… in fact he is currently in the 6th Tushita Heaven wondering why his own Glowforge is taking so long to arrive.


The Buddha is perhaps more patient than other Gods. Or more willing to suffer the foolishness and arrogance of worshipers and non-worshipers alike.

I agree. I would love to have a teacher use this around my kids, and teach them some of the lessons that might go best with it.


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Buddhist Cosmology is quite fascinating; if you are interested i suggest ‘Buddhist Cosmology: Philosophy and Origins’ (Sadakata A.)

To make a LONG LONG story short though:
In Buddhism there is no such thing as a God/Gods (as we understand it) - just as there is not such thing as immortality etc.
Gods in Buddhism are beings that exist in pure bliss and joy, but ultimately this is their undoing as this is an unsustainable state-of-mind. The Japanese say “All beauty must fade like the flowers on a Cherry Tree”.
They are 1 of the 6 states of being/Mind (Hell Realm, Hungry Ghost, Animal, Human, Vengeful Spirit, God) for more on this is the MOST excellent ‘Thoughts Without A Thinker’ (Epstein M (M.D.)) which is about psychology from a Buddhist perspective

The Buddha is a human who has transcended Birth and Death… but is still mortal, still very much human, just operating with a clarity most us would find unfathomable.

Gautama Buddha (aka the historical Buddha) died from food poisoning from mushrooms or pork - even we Buddhists would be hard-pressed to call that a ‘divine ascension’!

(FYI: Some sects do treat the Buddha as god-like… like most religions we got all sorts shrug)


I show my supreme ignorance.
Thanks for the summary.
No wonder the Buddha doesn’t mind. :slight_smile:

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How well is the Air Box working? Which one did you get?

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The airbox is fantastic. I opted for the larger 6" so I could have two full filters of carbon - that is why I have 6" - 4" reducers on each end. I paired it with a 200 cfm Vortex inline that is mounted up in the rafters where it feeds out the roof. On the roof I used a 4" hood that has a built in backdraft damper that closes unless under pressure.