Alternate Laser Application


Went and had my eyes scanned and evaluated for LASIK yesterday, turns out I’m an ideal candidate and may walk away with vision bordering on super powers, which I took to mean he’s going to give me laser vision like superman? I may have stopped listening when he said “super vision”. I’ve only heard great things about having LASIK done so if you have horror stories please kindly don’t share them till after Friday when I’ll have had mine :wink:

Those are the two laser systems I’ll be subjected two. One for creating the flap the other for ablating the tissue (like 3D engraving from the forge but this one has no warnings on the manual saying not to look at the laser)


I had mine done last April and I’ve REALLY enjoyed the results. One thing to re-assure you. You will see “starbursts” for a while after your surgery is done. They WILL go away.


Good luck! My mom had it done, (and she’s the biggest weenie in the world), and she said it was no biggie. :relaxed:


I was warned of the starburst and haziness. Excessive tears. Photosensitivity. Are the starbursts just there in a specific spot in your vision and fade or do they migrate? I can’t figure out what in the process is causing them I’m assuming it’s part of the healing process


I’m not a weenie but I am a worrier. Pain doesn’t scare me it’s the unknown.


Good luck with your surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery. :grinning:


From what I know about laser eye surgery, your eyes will instantly crust over, and after about 20 years your eyes will fall out.

…Everything I know about laser eye surgery is from The Simpsons.




That’s sorta the opposite of the ability to shoot lasers out of my eyes like I was promised


I had it done (7 or 8 years ago) when I discovered I was going to need tri-focal lenses. The shear cost of tri-focal lenses and needing a backup pair was nearly as much as getting both eyes done.

The biggest surprise (and to this day), was being able to look up and see things in the distance. I had always needed glasses for that.

Biggest adjustment is night time driving because the headlight glare is more noticeable.

Now I only need “old guy” :older_man: reading glasses - $20 to replace when lost or broken.


Wife did it about 6 years ago, and was so happy to intentionally lose the contacts.

They had an HD close-up of the surgery for the waiting spouse to observe. Don’t do it . Some things can’t be unseen.
I have pulled a few stitches in my own face so I’m not weak in the stomach.


My father just had both eyes done. He is ecstatic with the results.


lol! My wife was been talking about getting this done, now I now to avoid the peanut gallery! :smile:


Pft I want to watch it! Do they give you a tshirt and a DVD like its Disneyland?


I had PRK done about five years ago. Wasn’t eligible for LASIK. PRK has a longer recovery time (a few months before vision was fully back) because they remove the cornea and it has to grow back, rather than cutting a flap. But on the plus side there’s no incision afterward to worry about. I’ve read that PRK is what the Air Force will have pilots undergo, because of the potential of the flap coming loose under high force or impact.

All that said - I haven’t had any trouble with my procedure and I’m thrilled that I did it, especially since it was a fairly quick decision made, in part, to spend money I had in an FSA that was going to go away at the end of the year.

My eyes were pretty dry for several months after the procedure. And it was several weeks before I could see clearly at all (but still couldn’t see great). After a couple of months though my vision ended up being greater than 20/20.


My husband had lasik done back in the 90’s. His friend worked in an office that was just starting to do it, so they offered it to him for free if he was willing to be a guinea pig. It was great, surgery was painless, and he was able to ditch his coke bottle glasses. He had 20/20 vision for years.

Had is the operative word… I kept telling him that he needed to have his vision checked, but he insisted that it was perfect, because LASIK. A recent physical required a routine eye exam, and he got cocky and bragged about his 20/20 vision. The woman laughed politely, then explained that based on that test, WA state would not issue him a driver’s license! We went and got new glasses that evening (though he could have opted to redo the lasik).

Reader’s digest version: his experience was painless, with excellent but impermanent results :wink:


Everything I’ve read has always stated (in recent years at least) that for most people the procedure last for years, but is not permanent.


True, your eyes continue to age, and the age related issues still manifest.


I was told not to rub my eyes and not to get hit in the head with baseball bats or get into high speed car crashes. But in theory I’ll be able to drive by the next morning, so there’s pros and cons to everything :laughing:


I’m not expecting permanent. But I’ll get 15-20 years of use out of it before I’ll have to use reading glasses I consider that a win