Alternative To Acrylic

Hey guys! Seeing as how the Glowforge shop runs out of Acrylic supplies fast are there any other reliable alternatives similar to the quality and look of these? I’ve seen some online but wanted some feedback from people that have already used alternatives, thanks!

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Your local plastic store, here in Vegas that’s Piper Plastics LLC they have a scap bin that’s a $1 a pound, as well as extruded and cast acrylic in 8’x4’ sheets.

I’ve never gone away unhappy from that store.

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Awesome! I’ll have to do a little research on what we’ve got locally here in the Carolinas. Thanks :smiley:


100% honest every time I walk into that shop I think of this scene.


You know what really weirds me out about this scene? There is now a clear aluminum ceramic. Who am I to say that that is not what they were talking about?


Which Carolina are you in? I’d love to find a local place with scraps in NC. . .

I’m actually teetering on the line between North and South Carolina so I have access to a decent range. I looked some up online but I can’t find anything locally within driving range.

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Exactly what I was thinking, I think we are basically talking what is called Sapphire these days. It has been around for a while, though synthetic not as long.

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Also there are lots of discussion about this already. YMMV, because acrylic is in short supply everywhere… some online sources may have significant delays, so be sure to check before ordering.


Science fiction has been said to predict the future, but it is less complex than that.
Someone who has specific skills sees a sci-fi concept and is inspired to use their skills and produce something today that was imaginary yesterday.

All of us do the same thing now. We see something and think, I can laser that…

For supplies, I have been using Delvie’s alot. More because I buy a lot of two-color acrylic than anything to do with the glowforge inventory.
One thing different is the masking. I remove and replace it with mild tack paper masking if it is using the clear plastic coating (like a lot of manufactures do).


Check with your local sign shops too. The ones that manufacture lighted signs often have large off-cuts and scraps they can not make use of but would be perfect for hobby use.


Well, there is that, guess I know what I am doing with the next hr and 58 min

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