Alternative to Proofgrade Red Oak Harwood?

I have a business literally built on the proofgrade red oak hardwood, but it is now out of stock and has been for some time. Emails to support have said they have no idea when it will be restocked so I find myself in desperate need of an alternative.

Just looking for something finished the way the proofgrade is - I need to replicate the look as closely as possible to maintain the look of our products. What I have been able to find on my own appears to be unfinished.

Any ideas?

Someone just mentioned this stuff, which comes in a red oak and is sold at Home Depot as well as a few other wood-centric places

Oh wait, you said hardwood, that might not work

Knowing your location might help. There are many sources for materials but not all are everywhere and many times it’s not practical to ship.

Inventables sells red oak hardwood in 6x12 strips. Rockler sells it in smaller sizes.

I am in Tulsa, OK - I will check out Inventables!

I haven’t seen anything finished like PG. I don’t think either of the options mentioned above are finished, either. If you find some, please let us know. People are always asking.

I’ve used unfinished hardwood from Rockler and can’t tell any difference from PG hardwood. I’m not making fine art or furniture - puzzles and decoratives, mostly.

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