Aluminum Bottle Opener

I have been experimenting with these aluminum keychain bottle openers and having some trouble! I have my settings at full speed and full power and have tried a few different LPI’s but I can’t get any consistency at all. I will think I have it figured out and get a good print like the top one, and then the very next one looks like the bottom one in the picture. Same setttings, same material. I don’t understand what is going wrong. Does anyone have any input? Thanks!


Are you using a jig or placing each one separately? I have engraved similar items and not had that problem. Are these done at the same time but placed at different places on the bed?

Maybe slow it down a little?

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It’s likely there is no consistency between how the coating was applied to each part.

As with certain materials (like bamboo cutting boards for example) you will likely need to find a “compromise” in settings that give you acceptable results. Higher than necessary for some in order to get a good result on others.


No, I have just been doing one at a time, in attempt to figure out the right settings. I place it right in the center, in almost the exact same spot each time. It is so strange!

Can I ask what LPI you use?

“Almost the exact same spot” will not be good enough to get completely repeatable results. You may want to make a jig and make sure you properly use the set focus tool. There are lots of posts about anodized aluminum. Personally, I have used 700/50/225 - others have suggested 1000/full. I have found anodized aluminum to be pretty forgiving.

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