Aluminum bracelets

I tried making bracelets for my daughter’s friends for Valentine’s Day. I got impressart blanks and sprayed them with laserbond100. Some turned out great but others seem to just wipe off. I used 500 speed @ full power. What did I do wrong ? Thank you

Cleaning is very important before you apply your Laserbond. I used Cermark and had the same problem. Clean them with first acetone for the second run and did a lot better.


Next time consider anodized blanks, you might get better results, though it’d be a very different look at the end.


I’ve never seen bracelet blanks in anodized…is there such an animal?

Lol actually I don’t know. Let’s see.

A quick google found these:


Well duh…I’ll be…

Your ‘guess’ was correct.

Well, the internet, you know, they make a lot of things on there. Googling “anodized aluminum bracelets” is how I found that. TBH I shoulda looked it up before I said anything, it could have gone either way.

as well with me had I looked it up myself. If I had just done that, I might have had a chance to tell you how terribly wrong you were…but, too late now. :wink:

You wouldn’t even be the first today :wink:

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I know…I saw it. And, I liked what you said. Sometimes it seems you get all the ‘good ones’. :grinning:

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