Aluminum Sheet

I need to make aluminum name tax approximately 3x2 inches. What do you think will be the best way of cutting this aluminum sheet or should I try and find another option to create these tags for engraving?


They don’t sell aluminum biz card blanks? I bet someone does.

Yeah they do:

Seems to be what you need. Black/gold 3x2 with rounded corners was $3.09.


You’re going to cost me money :slight_smile:

Surprised I haven’t found that place before. Thanks.


Bookmarked … may need something in the future. :slight_smile:

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Aluminum sheets are easily cut using a floor- or bench-mounted metal shear, but those can get large and are not cheap.

(I may be trying to sell mine soon, but it is quite old and cast iron so it will be a nightmare to try and ship it anywhere :confused:)


Is aluminum the only option? Pretty sure Inventables (and probably others) have 2 color acrylics. (Gold/Black: etch the gold to black underneath). Not quite as durable as aluminum… but still…

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Would this be ok for our machine. Haven’t experimented with this before.


I’d read the product description and see if it’s intended for co2 lasers, I suspect it is.