Aluminum, with a side of Irony

The automagic passthrough software ain’t out yet, so I had to align this the old fashioned, muggle-laser way: with visible overlaps. 18" x 24" x .040" pre-painted gloss white aluminum sign blank.

And the rub: I missed lunch while printing this. Must refill frozen costco chicken-bake stash.

Doing the same thing in vinyl on the plotter would have taken… well significantly less time. I could have cut it, weeded it, applied it, dug a 3’ hole and mounted it on a post in the time that this took to complete.

This, though, will never peel off, so that’s something.


Yeah, I guess it would take a while to engrave that much…very cool though! (Worth it.) :sunglasses::+1:


And so it begins! Awesome work @jbv.


Wow, that is quite a sign! Kudos for going the Glowforge route, rather than the plotter. Way more fun!


It could pass as a Soylent Green promotional poster.


Ironic sign is ironic?

P.S. I love the effect. And now I understand why I have a sheet of painted aluminum in the garage. I must have seen it mentioned on the forum as a laserable material and acquired it for eventual use.


So just curious, approx what was the time on that big of an engrave?


Right around 4 hours. :persevere:


Ouch :confounded: but on the other hand, love the results :grinning: And like you said, the end product won’t be peeling, or even fading that much with time.


Given that I’ve had 3d prints that run16 plus hours, 4 hours doesn’t seem too bad to me :blush:


Ditto. And the same for CNC jobs. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t help though, I still hate to see it when the clock says it’s gonna be over an hour. :smile:


First, GREAT to see your work–I’ve been looking forward to that as long as I’ve “known” you on the forum. Second, what did you do during the 4 hours? Did you stay in the room and babysit it? Were you actually watching the lasering process to make sure the paint didn’t light up?

What do people do when they’re doing a really long job?


This is not my art, it’s historical government propaganda, from the Office of Defense Health and Welfare Services, Washington DC. One of my personal projects recently has been playing with vectorizing and remixing Gov’t propaganda and WPA posters that have all been released into the public domain in the last ten years, but often I find that I want original versions also. The hand-lettering is always wonderful, the subjects are interesting to say the least, and the scope and mission of these posters compared to current gov’t propaganda is… something that I think about.

So the four hours was total engraving time. It was split into three 1:20 operations, using the passthrough, since I couldn’t fit the whole 18x24 sheet into the bed. I stood over it just watching for the first half hour or so, and then once I was confident that there were no sparks, flames, anything at all coming off, I went about doing some organizing and cleaning. I didn’t leave the room, and stopped to go look at it every 5 or 10 minutes. Mind you, I have used a lot of this material, and have blasted it with propane torches and my 1000° heat gun. I was not really worried that it would have any potential to flare.

it’s a real poster, that was not meant to be ironic at the time of printing (sometime between 1936-1943)


I could be wrong, but I read the irony as Nutritional Food vs Costco Chicken Bakes :slight_smile:


Now I want a Costco Chicken Bake…


ok, that’s fair.:poultry_leg::baguette_bread:

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Web cam and try to remember to look at it once an a while!

And I’m with you. I’ve been waiting to see what @jbv does with his Glowforge.