Always keep track of your wallet and keys

Here’s a piece I’m working on it hasn’t been sanded or glued together yet but this is something that I will put on the wall next to my bedside table. I’ve had one for a couple of years that I 3-D printed, now this is one made with the GF. Since my first one I never miss placed my wallet or keys again. Wood 1/4 Walnut.


Nice practical cut which would be helpful to some of us with waning memories or cluttered surroundings.


or both…(speaking for a friend)


Awww…so kind of you! How did you know? …oh wait…:laughing:


Nice! I like the logo. What’s the purpose of the two legs sticking out the front? Besides decorative (they are kind of cute).

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The two post at the bottom are for hanging keys.


Even just recently I lost track of some stuff I made and got it late to the customer, I found it where it was supposed to be, but looking there did not see it. When they made a special trip to pick it up they set it down while talking and left without it :crazy_face:

I have found no perfect system unless the focus is concentrated from start to finish. I keep my meds in one place as an example, but they never leave it so that is easier.

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A substantial box … my wallet could be handled with 1/16” wood. :wink:

So here it is in use.


Or waning memories of uncluttered surroundings :flushed:


Very nice.

The older I get the more boxes like these I need in my life.


lol mine too…it holds about 6-7 credit cards/gift cards and a thick elastic band to hold a few dollar bills…made out of a recycled firefighters water hose (never knew they had purpose water hoses)…I usually leave my wallet in the car…it can get lost pretty easily. :wink:

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