Always winter but never Christmas

Oh, that’s great!!


So this started out really good, then it got better and better. Incredible work, you definitely have a reason to be proud of all of this! From the painted Tumnus, to the hinges, decorations including the hanging key, and layers of the wardrobe, to the outstanding job you’ve done with the layered cardstock, this is one of the coolest projects I’ve seen done here, and I’ve been here since very nearly the beginning of the forum.


Brilliant! A beautiful execution! Love the look of it in the dark!


Wowsers! I kept scrolling and it kept getting cooler! Love the layered scene inside the wardrobe, great bit of inspiration there :heart_eyes_cat:


Beautiful work! It is just gorgeous lit!


That wardrobe is stunning! Great idea!

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This lit picture looks awesome. Great job.


Thank you so much! I am seriously over here blushing. It’s so strange to receive praise from so many people whose work I’m in awe of so truly thank you all for the kind words!

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This is beautiful! I love the layers inside too! The hinges on the wardrobe are awesome!

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I love it!!

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That is absolutely fantastic.

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Thanks. They were a bit of a bear. I’m probably going to use metal hinges if I ever make this again.

Thanks so much. I truly loved making it!


Good to know. I have yet to attempt hinges, or make something that needs them. Someday I’m hoping to though!

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That is fantastic! It look amazing in daylight and even more so in the dark.

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There are multiple ways on the hinge front. I could’ve done something that was a bit simpler but where’s the fun in that!??!?!?!