Am I the last to know? (Selecting individual pieces of file)

I haven’t turned on BOB 2.0 for a week or so and it seemed like it went through an update maybe? Now I’m able to select little individual pieces of a file, whaaa!??? Did I not get the memo or is this new? It’s so nice! Thank you GF team! (If it has been dong this for weeks now and I just didn’t notice, please ignore this lol.)

Unless I misunderstand, it’s been like that all along. There is some semi-magic behavior where if things are enclosed by another thing, they get treated as a group, sometimes.


Don’t want you to leave this post without satisfaction so… Did you notice that you can now zoom in 1000% instead of the old 500%? Been more than a week, but a fairly new change.


When I want to select a group the GFUI likes to only select one or two objects from the group. I know how to make select what I want, but only if I’m on a device with a mouse. The other night I wanted to just select one object, not contained in any other object, separated from the other one by a few inches and it would only select them as a group. I don’t get it.

This is the huge difference I’m seeing now. That annoying, “I know you selected this one tiny object but I’m gonna include these 20 other nearby objects for you because I assume you want them too” behavior is gone. What I select is what I’m getting now.

Yes! Very nice.