Amazing 3D animated topography map


Yeah, doing a normal static 3D laser cut topography display is now so 2016… These students built essentially the game-of-thrones topo map… Way cool…

Moving Woodcut Topography
GF in the Classroom II ; How can you make a model dynamic?

Wow the inner workings of that must be pretty complex




I like how they handled the gears. A different option from cutting wooden or acetal gears from a gear generator.


That was so awesome I had to watch both videos twice. How cool!


Looks like theyre gearing up for some Game of Thrones intro action


That’s what I was thinking too!

It also seems like a lot of cranking for comparatively slow movement.


64 turns to get to the “completed” map. But that was part of the point, it was to show the creation of the canyon thru passage of time (although in reality the river would start from thin to wider…) Very interesting project !