Amazing 3D illusion!

If you haven’t seen Mike’s designs on Etsy 805LaserSpot - you need to.
I used his recommended settings on 1/4 Home Depot PureBond Maple.
NO masking and Mike’s exact settings given.

This was my first run for my wife to display in HER kitchen.

Check Mik’es amazing work out here:
Glowforge Laser Ready Digital Files by 805LaserSpot on Etsy

Here is the link for the 1/4 PureBond Maple

I will be doing many MORE of these.

NOTE: kinda long engrave times (about 1h:40m) - however creates no smoke and is worth the time.
As it started I was blown away at the lack of smoke or soot and how DETAILED it was… if you can’t tell I am EXCITED!

So glad I have found this EFFECT!

Mike - IF you see this… THANK YOU for making my wife think I am a GENIUS with the GlowForge.


Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Thanks for sharing…I will be heading there!


I was very nervous - just follow his instructions and SO EASY!
You will be blown away that you did it like I was!

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I can’t believe how impressive that plaque is. The selections of the various patterns is amazing. Looks almost to good to be true.

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I use SD Graphic for almost everything - it really is the most wonderful setting. I’m guessing that dropping it slightly helps with the lack of soot :slight_smile:

In your picture I thought it was actually 3D, that it’s a flat image makes it even more impressive. Mike seriously does great work!

Absolutely beautiful!

Absolutely love it!

Love your plaque, I cut & engraved one today on 5/32" Maple Pure Bond


This is just amazing…

Checked the Etsy and it’s hard / impossible to find a bad design! Well done to Mike and to you! :slight_smile:


I’m definitely getting more. Most amazing detail & beautiful designs.

I can’t get over the 3D look of the plaque. Mike has something for everyone too.

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That’s CRAZY COOL!!! I’ve been trying to figure out how the 3D. I haven’t clicked on the links you shared just yet, but do you mind sharing whether you started out with a regular photograph? I want to make some 3D Christmas ornaments of our two dogs we lost this last year but need to find a good method to do all of the tweaking. I’m a bit confused as to whether I need to make it in an .stl format and then back to a .png or what the actual process is from start to finish. Everything I’ve seen has been made from images pulled off of posted 3D models and then converted over to .png format.

He purchased the designs from the linked Etsy shop…

Just checked it out. The talent of Mike from Etsy… Amazing! Mind blowing! :exploding_head: :art:



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Holy smokes! That’s not 3D? Unbelievable! Off to check the Etsy shop…


I wish I could answer this. I honestly just loaded Mike’s ETSY fil and used his settings.


Holy cow that’s pretty! Looks like it really is 3D and coming off the back. Great job

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Thanks for sharing. I am definitely going to check out the Etsy shop as I am interested in doing more 3D work but no clue how to design it!


That is a beautiful job!