Amazing Customer service from wood supplier!

Just a heads up!
I found Ocooch Hardwoods in one of the posts here and after looking on their website I ordered a assortment of things to try. When it arrived I was super happy with the Quality and promptness, so I ordered a large (for me) order of 30 sheets of 1/8 basic ply. when it arrived I was sorely disappointed that almost every sheet was warped so bad I couldn’t cut it.

I contacted them via email and explained the situation and that the product was so very unlike what I received in my first order, within hours I got a reply and i’m including it here.

" Ocooch Hardwoods
to William
Hi William. I totally understand that this won’t work for you and I’m sorry that we sent you a subpar product. Where all the pieces warped beyond use, or just the one size? I would like to send you a replacement order so you have wood you can actually use.

They then promptly sent replacements, they just arrived and are as good as my first order…

I am frequently less than thrilled with customer service people and companies, I am so happy with this service I wanted to let everyone know about it…


Nice to hear a positive story like that. Ocooch is really dialed in in general, they ship really quickly and have good prices.


We order from them on a monthly basis. They have always been great and our order has never been wrong or damaged upon arrival. Glad others are having the same.

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