Amazing laser wood cut relief sculptures


Don’t know if anyone saw this, but holy cow… Gorgeous laser cut mahogany plywood (and a serious level of talent) make some amazing reliefs.

Transcending the Medium: Beyond Planes, Edges, and Plywood

This is truly gorgeous work.


I really wish I had this kind of talent. I cant stop zooming in on the details. They are absolutely breathtaking.
The website says they will have some new material up for sale in November at the earliest.

I hope its not a “if I have to ask how much then I can’t afford it” kind of situations cause I would love to have some of their work.


I particularly love the ones that have small areas of vivid color layered in with the natural wood. So compelling.



Awesome! That’s truly gorgeous work! :slight_smile:


So @morganstanfield, when will we see this kind of thing in leathers from your workshop? Imagine the awesomeness of all the dyes and textures you have available!


Can’t wait to try and do something similar.


Absolutely, except for the areas with unsupported floating corners. Leather will just curl up if you do that to it. The rest–the complexity, the layering of color and form, the organic forms, etc., is exactly what I’m thinking of.


When I get a laser that can cut stuff in 1 pass and not leave smoke marks everywhere Im definitely going to try something of this nature


Those are amazing!!