Amazing Leather laser cut gloves

Don’t know if folks saw this on Make but really amazing leather work! @morganstanfield in case you hadn’t seen it. This actually really pushes the envelope of laser cut leather products:


That could probably be duplicated out of wood. A wooden glove.

Don’t know what you would use it for, but it sounds rather cool anyway.


Some of his experiments are fascinating. I’m such a functionality nerd that I was put off by the cover image (those things would get caught on something in about 5 seconds of use), but his other work shows a lot of thoughtfulness and well as aesthetic sensibility.


@karaelena and @bailey both started topics on this that got clicked many times, but not many comments. Your block quote from Make: might bring out more comments.

It would be cool to see this in materials like wood, something normally not flexible much.

Being in AZ, I just think of the kewl tan lines you would get wearing these outside for a day… (used to have funny circles and mesh tanlines from my motorcycle gloves in the summer) :sun_with_face:


I had great circles on my feet from crocs while surf fishing lol