Amaziograph Stencils



Here’s a design option you may not have thought of: stencils designed on the iPad using the Amaziograph app. These lacy stencils are really hot right now in the cardmaking world. Using the right symmetry options in Amaziograph, I designed the stencils in the pen width I thought would work well as a stencil. Then pulled the .png into Illustrator and autotraced using the Technical Drawing preset, which created the cut lines. And voila! (Cut from 10 mil Mylar)

Here’s the original png files:


Too cool!!


I really like the hand-drawn symmetry! These would make great holiday ornaments, too. Thanks for reminding us about Amaziograph… time to sharpen my finger and get to work. :wink:


Thanks so much. I so want my production unit to do stencils in paper and the Mexican paper art for Dia de los Muertos (look for “picados” images)

I saw this illustrator tutorial video on lace work patterns and want to figure this out for Inkscape. All the squiggle bowl work has me thinking about pattern making.


Oooo, thanks for that!


So I went through the tutorial and made my template. It works great! Here’s my first mandala from Illustrator:

Mandala_1.pdf (111.7 KB)


Hey @marmak3261 , did you see this for your Day of the Dead decor? :grinning:


That’s beautiful! :grinning:


What a treat, thanks for sharing!


This is way too much fun!!! Thanks for sharing @marmak3261!!


Funny, I just spotted that one (skelly) last night. Hope to make one soon.


I’m digging the hand-drawn aesthetic. You could make some impressive wrapping paper by engraving these designs on paper! :slight_smile: