Amazon Echo Dot holder


can’t resist posting my minor accomplishment. Done on very inexpensive 1/8” (.105”) plywood at a material cost of maybe $0.35. Anyone want or need the file - just ask. :muscle::sunglasses:


Sweet. Love the practical projects. Isn’t great how much potential this machine holds for little everyday things like this.


Nice job! :grinning:


I’ll take the file, THANK YOU! I’ve got a cool idea for a holder that I need to do before someone beats me to it. (I’ll still do it, but it’s always fun to be first.) Your file will be an excellent starting point.

Nice work!


Version 2 here. :sunglasses:


Ohhhhh … Love version 2!


Here is the SVG for the Echo Dot that I put together. I ‘sized’ it for .105" plywood --> so adjust as needed. Also, the speaker cloth just needs to be dragged over top the front piece and ‘engraved’ if you want that affect. Enjoy. :sunglasses::glowforge:


I think the file is here … first attempt to upload this kind of file.


And the same design will be fit for a cutout for putting on the cat, a la cat toast lion!


Hey bud, where can i get the file?


It’s actually in the post right below “Enjoy :sunglasses::glowforge:” but it’s really tiny and you can’t see it. I’ll reload it larger :slight_smile: