Amazon Echo Dot Rocket


I have a number of Amazon echo’s in the house, and wanted to create a stand for one of the dots. This is the prototype made out of thick draftboard. “Alexa, blast off!”




Great idea!


Now that is really cool!


I like it, but my son would use that as permission to try to throw it across the room.


Very cool concept!


not a fan of the listening device, but I do really like the rocket design!


I am thinking of all that Space above the could use lights or something.


Would you have somewhere I could get those cut files from you?
Do you sell it somewhere maybe? Would love to make one for my husband -


I drew this out myself in illustrator from scratch. I’m sure we could work something out. PM me.


Just a reminder - forum rules prohibit asking people to give away their work. If they want to share the designs, they will post in the Free Laser Designs section. :slight_smile:


Absolutely – I appreciate art and craftsmanship and the work that goes into it – Thats why I asked about the sale – and get was truly not a request for freebie, just for a link to pvt site – No freeloading meant or implied – thank you for the reminder though.


Printed the final version on thick maple tonight. I added space themed artwork to each edge, and like how it turned out. I kinda like the plain draftboard version too. Also cut a custom Echo Dot “skin” for the top of the echo out of medium maple plywood. Done with rockets for now.


Fancy duds on the dot! Now it just needs a little sleeve for the edges so it all blends in!


Cool project … even though I’m not into the product it’s made for. Love the finish you came up with … all decked out!


Even though I’m not into the product it’s made for … cool project … and love the finish you came up with … all decked out!


I use Amazon fresh for grocery delivery, as my MS makes it difficult for me to get out shopping. One of the perks is that they ship the frozen stuff with dry ice. Thought it would be cool to get my latest Amazon echo dot rocket with some dry ice smoke. Also had to try and get a better pic of R2D2, which turned out pretty spectacular.


That is awesome. Dry ice FTW!


I have always thought the dry ice would be a good way to cool the air and lowering the chance of flame by eliminating some of the available oxygen. for photographing rockets of curse a natural and great looking .


Great design and mmmm Yuengling! I’m a big Lord Chesterfield Ale guy. Used to play around the Yuengling Family Estate in Pottsville, PA.