Amazon go store now open in seattle

At those Seattle dwellers have you checked it out yet?


I just checked and it is only open to Amazon employees in their beta program currently. I signed up for an email alert when it opens to the public.


A bit of a beta pioneer, no?

I realize it’s all secret sauce, but I would love to see the write up of the nuts and bolts of the technology behind it.

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Sucks for taxes anywhere they open these (as a new state presence) though, no?

Why is that?


Most cities and even states have a “voluntary” “use tax”. This came about from the older catalog/mail order exemption from state and local taxes.

No one fills them out and pay them. Only when the state/city tries to audit someone, then it enforces the “use tax” requirement.

Amazon has been getting a presence in each state because many state legislatures were going to create an internet sales tax structure that are more penalizing and complicated then brick and mortar stores tax structure.

Dell has already been collecting state taxes (since about 5 or 6 years ago) because of the threat.


If you are talking sales tax, I’m even just having a warehouse in-state kicks that into play.i