Amazon Laser Safe masking tape

I have searched the community looking for a Laser safe masking tape from Amazon that is reasonably priced. All of the links that I have found are out of stock or no longer offered. When I search on Amazon and use “Laser Safe,” some would come up but when I got to reading, it would say not for Laser cutting. Would someone please make a suggestion of a good choice? Thanks in advance!

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This is what I use:

(they also have it in a 6" wide if you generally do smaller stuff)


So that’s only ten yards, works out to about 73 cents per square foot.

If you get a 300 foot roll you can expect to get it for about $40, which is 13 cents per square foot.

Pricing in masking is so variable, this is one of the highest prices per foot that I’ve seen.

Check out #2 for more discussion:


Thanks! I appreciate the quick response. I will check into it.


How quick is the shipping?


Yes, but it’s also in stock - which right now per the OP is hard :stuck_out_tongue: It was cheaper when I bought it, by half (9.99) and I’ve been using that same roll for just over 3 years now…I’m definitely not a power user, and I only use masking sometimes so it made (makes) more sense for me to buy a smaller one.


I buy mine from signwarehouse, and I noticed the price just went up about 5 dollars a roll, and shipping I think it still 10-12 dollars for one roll. Since I go through a roll a month, I really need to start ordering more than one at a time. :rofl:


This is what I use
In the remarks at the end there are several users for laser cutting.


That’s what I use too. I found it in 300 ft rolls, which makes it wonderful, although my husband had to adjust my tape holder!


Thanks! I am going to try that. I did not like the other that I ordered.

Keep in mind that masking is pressure activated. You’ll note multiple suggestions for plastic blades, or the edge of an old credit card, or I actually use a piece of lasered wood. You need to use something that’s stiff but not sharp and carefully push down over the entire surface of the masking. If it stays on then you’ve done it right, if it comes off you need to do it more. I don’t find it takes more than ~30 seconds to do a full sheet, but it does take pressure.

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I totally understand about the pressure. It’s still not a great tape in my opinion.

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So the vinyl is safe in the laser?

Vinyl is not safe to laser cut.

“Transfer tape for vinyl” is not made of vinyl, it’s paper. These are masking tape, like you’d use to mask off walls when painting, just much wider rolls. Paper and a temporary adhesive.

The primary customer for these products are vinyl crafters / sign shops. They use the tape to transfer vinyl decals from its backing to the surface it’s being applied to. We’re repurposing it for another use.


Thanks for that— that’s what I thought, that it was the masking that goes on top of vinyl— but the listings for one of the products several on the list have said they use (TapeManBlue Vinyl Transfer Tape) is pretty confusing in that way— in its Amazon listing under product material, it says Vinyl. I didn’t that that was right— sounds like just a mistake in the listing— thought the material is clear so I questioned things a bit as that’s different from a masking tape…

TapeManBlue 12" x 100’ Roll of Clear Vinyl Transfer Tape for Craft Die Cutters. Premium-Grade, High Tack Application Tape for Vinyl Letters, Stickers, and Graphics

Not always! Please be cautious spreading this information!

Some vinyl transfer tapes are indeed clear plastic (often vinyl), they’re not all paper based. These are meant for multi-layer cut vinyl decals or decals where final placement needs to be very spot on. (Or the home vinyl cutter crowd - Cricut brand is clear plastic) The one @amandamedmonds linked is definitely the clear plastic type.
NOT suitable for laser cutting masking.


Thank you! It looked from what I could see in the pic more like a piece of plastic! (And I’m super careful about cutting plastic— I barely even do PG acrylic!)

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Paper Transfer Tape for Vinyl” - made of paper, laser safe


“Clear Vinyl Transfer Tape” - made of vinyl, not at all laser safe.

Frustratingly undifferentiated, especially in Az’s search function :frowning: and because of Az’s search function sellers will put both in the posts! Argh. If I saw a seemingly paper one list vinyl as the material - I’d go with not trusting the seller!

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