Amazon Prime Day deals


I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for people to post the cool Prime Day deals they find throughout the 30 hours of the sale. I figured we all have enough in common that our definition of “cool stuff” is pretty much the same. The sale hasn’t started yet (it will in about 30 minutes), but the list of stuff on sale is on the website. Anyway, here’s the first thing I’ve run across so far:

Post all the goodies you find!


Anybody thinking of the REPRAPGURU DIY RepRap Prusa I3 V2 it’s on Amazon Prime right now for $237.30 only if you order via Alexa.

No idea how long this lasts. Phrase is “Alexa, order a 3D printer”

You’ll also get a $10.00 credit for using Alexa to order.




X-bet MAGNET ™ - Ceramic Industrial Magnets - 18 mm (.709 inch) Round Disc - Ferrite Magnets Bulk for Crafts, Science & hobbies - 100pcs / box!



Thank you all you enablers!


Captain Awesome bought the Complete Series of Sons of Anarchy Gift Box Blu-Ray Edition for $54.99 Canadian - originally $164.95


my favorite .ca deal is a 50-foot outdoor extension cord for $12.34 fyi


Don’t forget to shop from if you don’t already. Still Amazon but you can select an organization that gets donations when you buy stuff.


This is 72% off:


Trying to decide if I should get a baby monitor to watch my Glowforge when I’m in another room…


I do use one. Usually don’t need it but sometimes nature does call.

It’s hard to get a good angle on the bed though without mounting the camera above the unit. (I stuck it on a stand, and about all I can see is whether anything is on fire.) :no_mouth:


It sounds like you need to forge a mount… just sayin’ :slight_smile:


I do that from my computer, but can’t from the app.