Amazon Wood with Knot! (UK)

Hi there,

I’ve bought few A4 sizes Birch Plywood and pretty much all of them with knots that are ruining my designs! (Pics attached)

In the UK, where are u guys buying wood?

Also, do we have anywhere the Maple Hardwood (solid wood) not ply.

And or what / where could I find Solid Wood here in the UK cut to size?

Thanks in advance!



This will help you. Sorry you’ve had a few bad burns.


I’d like a little UK GF working group together to be honest as it’d be nice to either have a Slack channel / meetup at some point to figure some of this stuff out. I’ve recently bought wood from SLEC (they’re an aircraft builders site) though I’ve not tested the 6 mm I bought there yet. Previous wood i got from Kitronic on uber cheap at 42p and A4 sheet but that’s the same - a fair few knots in it. I’ve had no trouble with the 3 mm stuff I bought on ebay via ‘Laserply’ (written in light blue across the product) so far.

I’d try British Hardwoods for veneer / thin sheets of solid wood as I’ve had decent, cheap stuff from there before. Otherwise, I’d like to hear from others too.