Amber Glass Engrave

Expanding into some new materials/techniques …got a really great result on the EO bottles using the settings tested and shared in the Beyond the Manual section, so thanks you guys! That was painless! :sunglasses::+1:

(And now I can ditch the lousy printed labels and tape, which tend to fall off when the oil hits them.) :smile:


The text will be very legible, and I might fool around with a second pass just to see what happens. (KaPOW!):boom: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice! I’d imagine the engraving show up better on amber than it would on clear. Or you could mask before etching then hit it with gold metallic paint! Which I guess defeats the purpose of being easier than labels…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s a sexy keyboard too. :grin:

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How much for a gallon of seahorse juice?


It’s much cheaper than unicorn tears. :unicorn: :smile:

Just finished another little run on the test bottle. Hitting it with a second pass at 1000/50 just for grins gives a much more visible white look to the engrave…much more uniform.

BUT…and there’s always a caveat - it makes the engrave more prone to flaking off, and those little grains are glass. Not something I’d want appearing in my food in any case, so I think I will regretfully rethink the engraved spice bottles.

Back to the ArmorEtch. :neutral_face:


I did some awhile back too for my mini EO roller bottles. Have a few different colors…!
These are tiny 4ml bottles so not much room.

Way better than labels…lol


If you open your mouth outside in the wind, I bet you get stuff just as bad as glass in your mouth.:sweat_smile: I’m not concerned about the minut amount of very small particles…lol #livedangerously


I brushed my hand over it and wound up having to pick bottle bits out of my hand. :confounded:

I’m all for cool, but there’s gotta be a better way. At least for us klutzy types. :smile:
(What are you using for your Relax recipe? Lavender and frankincense?)


A few swipes with a magic eraser drastically reduces the residual flaking, but we all have our own levels of risk-aversion. Feel safe, be safe. :wink:


Cedarwood, lavendar and sage. More of a chill out recipe.

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Sounds relaxing 4 sure! :sleeping:

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