Amber Light, hoping anyone might know what to do next

Finished a short cut (20 minutes) the amber light came on and the fan wouldn’t turn off. Left it overnight did a ton of research. Did all the things - checked both ends of the ribbon for connection, checked the pins. All is good. Still got an amber light. Any ideas guys??

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Have you tried turning it off and then back on?


Amber/yellow is the default “something is wrong” light. I’d start with basics like, what’s the temp inside your machine? If you’re using a filter that would be generally room temp, but if you’re filtering outside then it’s a combo of inside and outside temps.


I live in Arizona so it’s always hot here however, my glowforge has always been housed in the same insulated air conditioned room. It is away from the window, even the window that the exhaust hose goes to is insulated with foam and reflective board so I can control the room temp. It has been in the same space for 3 years.

It started Tuesday night. I did a small cut, when it finished the orange light came on and the fan kept running. I shut it off immediately and decided to let it sit overnight before messing with it. The laser head seemed quite warm to the touch.
Last night I checked all the connections, gave it a deep clean, fans, mirrors etc and nothing changed.

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I have, no luck

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The fan keeping running is an indication it is a heat issue - shutting it off means it cannot complete its cooldown cycle. There are two fans on the carriage plate - the air assist on the back, and a tiny head fan. Make sure that tiny head fan is clean.

I might also suggest, if you haven’t already, reaching out to support (by email, or phone M-F 9-3 pacific) as they can read the logs and see if they’re getting a specific error.


I had that issue. I paused the head for 20 min and when I got back it registered hot so it kept running, saying it was cooling down. 30 min later I got scared and shut the machine off, and when I did the laser head was quite hot to the touch. I left the machine off for a day, started it up, and put it on pause for a few minutes. When it overheated again with the hot laser head that was when I decided to not use pause and have not done so.

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