Among us Valentine’s Day box Design help

My son wants to make the emergency button from the Among Us as his Valentine’s Day box for school. Any ideas on how to make this out of wood? Thinking a circle box on top of another box. He wants it to open for people to put their cards into. Ack!! I’m rather new to Glowforge. image|500x500

That’s the approach I’d take, and you should be able to create designs for both boxes on the site.

You will need a hinged box design for the square box. Or else just make a regular six-sided box with flat lid and use hardware hinges on it.

There is a round box design on Thingiverse.


I’d suggest a square wood box with hinged lid with red acrylic circles glued to the top - and then a bottomless 4 sided clear acrylic box hinged to the top of the square box - so they can open the acrylic to press the red button - or open the wood box to deposit valentines.

If you want the valentines to go into the red button there’s a “bayonet box” on the page that @cynd11 linked to that would make that go - and then you’d still do the clear acrylic over it.

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