Ampersand earring/jewelry holder

So literally since the day I first purchased the Glowforge, one of the projects on my list was to make a wall hanging to hold all of my super dangly earrings. In the past I had a simple holder of window screen in a picture frame, but pssh… I could make it so much cooler with a laser!

The idea I had in my head forever was a giant ampersand with holes in it for the earrings, but I could never really figure out how a good mechanism to hang it or even how to keep the earrings from completely camouflaging what the shape was. So after some googling I discovered an earring holder that had an art deco screen mounted on a wood tray, and thought, hey I could make a pattern with the ampersands! So I did:

Thanks to @rbtdanforth for the free hook idea, I modified it a little but it definitely solved my problem of not wanting to have too complicated of a hanger system.

I found different colors of acrylic at a hardware store, so I used translucent white for the front and for the spacer ‘washers’, and frosted light blue for the back plate.

I help you, Daddy! :heart_eyes:

Fully loaded, and I love it :grinning:

Hooray to the end of clutter! (And dust, haha).


Stunning! I love how you turned the clutter into art. (And your assistant is adorbs!) :grinning:


Really great idea! And it looks really nice too.


Clever use of Type art. And I’m with you on clutter clearing.

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What a neat design! And I like that earring. And that other one. And that one. And…

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Glad you found the hooks useful! I like the change but just a bit more and make them dragon heads…


I actually thought about turning them into flamingos, but was afraid the shape wouldn’t fit in the slot!

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So awesome! Great design and execution.

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I love this! Pre-Glowforge I made one out of plastic needlepoint canvas. This is SOOO much better!
Plus lots of extra points for the cue-ball bald baby! Mine sported that look until she was almost 2!

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I was bald until 2 as well… I don’t have much hope for my son! Though he’s getting a bit of fringe, it’s so blonde it’s nearly invisible! :laughing: