An experiment at high LPI

I had someone who wanted a photograph on a tile and I reread many of the threads trying to work out the best settings. Always folk talked of Low LPI 174 ish and I was always thinking in newspaper vs magazine terms and wanting to have smaller dots over a wider range of scattering particularly as the photo itself took a bit of work to get it in a workable range to look good at all.

At last, I chickened out and did a 4" tile with a part of the image cut out of the center at 500 - full power- 674 LPI so the scale on the 6" and 4" were the same image (note the light source on the tile is off to the side and the focus what it was)


Not played a lot with tile yet.
I am assuming they need a sealer, to maintain that photo look? Or are they robust enough to do without?

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That is another experiment. Instead of a sharpie I used black spray paint rubbed off with lacquer thinner. It should hold up better to uv than the sharpie that did not, but there is enough shiny even in the light gray that I think flat clear coat would help.