An experiment in inlay

I have been playing with all sorts of patterns, bouncing off of @geek2nurse 's Kumiko designs. At first, I was just going to engrave it in Hickory but was not pleased, so I cut the rest in Mahogany, except it was so delicate it fell apart, so I tried again in proofgrade maple and was able to get it mostly working.

It was so tight I had to use clamps, and then a rubber hammer to get it in all it would go, but that was only 2/3 of the thickness of the maple and had to sand down the rest, The reason it was a good choice for not falling apart made it a bad choice for all the sanding, but I finally got there, It was so tight I don’t think it will be going anywhere about falling out but I sprayed it with clear acrylic before sanding just in case.

Lesson learned…

Try to keep all of the widths of material wider than your kerf :confounded:

Make sure the material will survive becoming inlay. Getting the broken pieces out after could be tedious.

Make sure the depth of the engrave is just shy of the thickness of the inlay.


I like that one. :grinning:




Geez, that is really nice!