An Inexpensive Every Day Calendar

Three years ago I came across the Every Day Calendar created by a lady named Simone Giertz online. She is a maker that I have followed for a number of years. I have been thinking about this project ever since. Simone’s Every Day Calendar is a beautiful electronic calendar but cost close to $400 once you get it shipped to your home. Something I have wanted but did not want to spend that kind of money to accomplish the task it is designed for.

To explain what an every day calendar is? The simplest way to describe it is that you would use this to create a way to remind yourself to practice something like meditating, or play guitar or piano, or exercise every day. Once you mark off a day that you succeeded in accomplishing your daily task you see how many days in a row that you can increase your practice for a year. Something that would be a good reminder to get into a routine to help you accomplish a goal that will be easy to do and stick with.

A few days ago I finally came up with a design I liked for my version of Simone’s Every Day Calendar that I could make on the my Glowforge for less than a tenth of the cost. My calendar is made using two sheets of acrylic. One is clear and the other is blue as you will see. The calendar is 10.5" X 18" in size and the clear acrylic is engraved and scored on the inside of the display. This give me a nice smooth finish on the outside for crossing off days when I get something accomplished for that day. The calendar days are marked off using a dry erase marker. The two acrylic sheets are stacked and bolted together using stainless button head bolts and nuts. Gives the calendar a nice clean look.

Once the year is up the calendar can be erased easily with window cleaner so it can be cleared again for the next year. My calendar also is very light weight and has a small space frame mounted to the back of the display so that it is easily mounted to any wall.

I like the look of my calendar and am looking forward to using it. Check it out and let me know what you think.


very nice!

if you want an ever so slightly cleaner look, you could swap the button head bolds for chicago screws, which don’t have the indent in the surface head.


A cool idea.


Very nice! You could also turn it sideways and have the days go left to right instead of vertical. I really like the way the engraving shows up against the blue. Great job!


This turned out lovely! Great idea.


Nice practical project! Sometimes a low-tech solution is the way to go (even if you’re using high-tech to create it!)


I imagined it sideways after your comment, and it worked for me; vertical was just too ‘busy’, even though all the same data are presented.

@davecc That blue!


Yeah, I can read vertical, but certainly don’t prefer it. :slight_smile:


Stand-offs would look cool too.


Oh, nice! I hope you accomplish your goals, whatever they are.