An Inspiring Artist: Joshua Abarbanel



I just ran across this article and thought it worth sharing.

Joshua Abarbanel

I was planning to use the GF to make stencils to do some friezes in the Arts & Crafts style… now, I’m going to have to do something in layers like this. Not sure whether to start with a sunflower or wisteria motif.


Very nice dimentional wall art!
The different geometries and colors do a good job of being reminiscent of a reef.


I knew this looked like something in nature but I could not put my finger on it.


That is so beautiful. Speechless.

Btw, now that I have my speech back: Vibrantly colored wood like Purpleheart and Bloodwood would have made that REALLY pop.

And there is a member here who makes gorgeous scroll saw bowls using this method…he’s posted pics.


These sculptures are stunning. The geometries and patterns are so varied, yet architecturally they all come together so well.

Ditto on the Arts and Crafts Stencils. I can’t wait to do some dragonflies and ginkgo leaves.


absolutely gorgeous.


oooh ! super cool. very much similar to designs and installations i have been prototyping


It is going to be very hard to find some sort of unique style of our own seeing all these artists.


Stunning! You could use any central design and vary the images, size and shape to create clever works. I believe this is where I want to focus my energies. Thanks for the post.


Something like these would be a good place to put some layers of acrylic in the deeper ones for edge lighting with LEDs.


Beautiful indeed.

Yes, they would, just be sure to use a finish with great UV protection to keep the colors from turning brown. Metal acid dyes will allow the use of less expensive woods with great results as well, which is what I have planned, as I have lots of maple in stock.

Yes, the @jordanloshinsky bowls are sweet!
Scroll saw bowl reborn


that is soooo beautiful. me likey


Totally missed that his work sparked that epic thread “A scroll saw bowl reborn”.


That is very cool work.


Joshua’s artwork is pretty cool but I’m more fascinated to know what you come up with for Arts & Crafts friezes. I hadn’t thought of that but I just built a home office (where the Glowforge will live) above the garage with Arts & Crafts influences.


Actually I have never seen his work before, at least I don’t think so. The bowl was actually inspired by this YouTube clip:
YouTube scroll saw bowl

I decided to try to automate making the bowls because I just didn’t want to sit at a scroll saw for an hour. Also my old job had a CNC that wasn’t being used much and tons of scrap. In fact I just made 2 more for my wife’s aunts as a thank you for having us.

Being able to do these on a GF and the pass through slot are why I bought a unit.


No worries, I just posted the link to your topic because of the comment @nunzioc made, as many newcomers may have missed your work.

Scrolling can indeed be tedious! :grin: That mirror frame I posted in show and tell is also a stack lamination (of sorts) from about 2001.


Missed this post, blush


Yeah, sorry, I missed the post by @nunzioc. I just wanted to give credit where credit was due. The you tuber has some nice stuff if I remember.

Sorry if I came across dry. I just finished three days of driving and needed a beer.

Joshua’s work in the original post are indeed incredible. I want to aspire to that level of creativity , just not sure I have the spark.


No problem, I should have @'ed you on that last sentence, it would have made it less confusing. YouTube is an endless source of inspiration.

Heck, these days I’d need one after 3 hours!

Your bowls are pretty amazing. I think most of us are going to be surprised at how creative we become, if the GF works as advertised. :smiley: