An unnecessary annoyance

Just saw on the material shop that the “We don’t ship proofgrade anywhere but the US”-warning is gone. so I put together an order, only to find out on the shipping page they still don’t ship PG to Europe. I do wonder… if nothing’s changed, why remove the warning? That’s one sure fire way to annoy people unnecessarily - quite apart from the fact that they did ship proofgrade to Europe with my machine, I can’t see why sending a pack without the machine would be any different.


Maybe they started shipping to Canada?

Anyway, that sucks. I really hope they work out the European PG issue soon.


I do believe they now ship to Canada, so that’s probably why - but I also remember a comment that the reason they changed shipping vendors is to fix that non-shipping overseas issue, so fingers crossed for you!


Well, The only country in the address entry form is still the US…

I’m guessing it’s a message that got missed when they transitioned the store to the new system.

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