And another Acrylic Cake Topper



Hope you guys dont get tired of my many projects…lol

This was a special request for a friend. Birthday cake topper. Cut out of yellow plexi, the white parts were also cut out of plexi and puzzle fit in.

I originally did the red and black using the toner method but it didn’t pop enough so I ended up hand painting it.


Hand painted which looks way better.:grinning:


Awesome! I never get tired of seeing your projects–they are so inspiring! I haven’t been commenting much lately (with no experience I get tired of having nothing to offer but “gee how cool!”), but seeing the goodies being created by you and the others with lasers helps make it worthwhile to check in.




I hold a sneaking suspicion that you are a “secret” beta tester and that sometime, in the near future, you will reveal all and tell us “all the projects you have shown us have been created using a GF”.

Walter Mitty eat your heart out!


I am constantly amazed at all of the cool stuff you design. You are soooo artistic and it is so great to see all that you do. Thanks for being such an inspiration. :relaxed:


Never get tired of seeing your projects. :grin:


Please keep them coming, if nothing else it really inspires me to know that I can make many useful (and fun!) things. I only need to figure out how to make it all work together.


One of the things I am so excited about is being able to throw together custom party decorations with (relative) ease. Seeing the cake toppers and all of your other work has been so inspiring. Keep it coming! :smiley:


Get tired no way, you have so many good ideas and projects.
It always gives me ideas on projects I can make.
Keep the projects coming.


Ok…I’ll keep posting :grinning:lol


Another PokeFan? :grin:


It’s so generous of you to take the time to photograph and post about all the amazing things you make. Thank you!


Tired? Never! Please don’t ever stop posting your projects!


C’mon LaserLady…I think I am gonna call you “LaserMOM”…cuz I learn so much from you and you are very Awesome !


I love seeing your work, and I’m always impressed!


I like seeing the stuff too. And you answer my newbie questions :slight_smile:


I love it. What a wonderful idea!