And here's the muse

Compare / contrast.

I will say, if this had come out last year I would have jumped.

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I definitely would have. It’s got Ethernet, USB, not cloud dependent, fully developed software, rotary attachment, and can accept more file types. I’d be nervous if I were the GF folks.

It did come out last year. But it kind of sucked then. Probably better now.


I have friends at another school who got this one last summer. They have sent it back twice for repair, and it only really worked for the first two weeks they had it. They’re a little bummed with the repair time – months for the first trip to repair, and it came back and immediately leaked cooling water all over the inside of the unit. Either they got a bad unit, or Muse is working out some bugs too. (I did like the pint glasses I engraved on their rotary riser, but that’s all I have from their unit before it broke down)


Yeah except it did come out, youtube has videos from lots of disgruntled Muse owners.

At least GF hasn’t bricked the delivered units via software “updates” like FSL has, and so far GF support is leaps and bounds ahead of FSL which is supposedly a more matured company (they’re not, they’re still in start-up stage too).

The only thing Muse has going for it right now is Dremel’s recent involvement to fine-tune it for the consumer market.


So… Where do those aquarium hose things go? I assume one is water in and the is out but is there, like, a 5 gal bucket of water off screen?

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Yes, either a bucket of water or a separate chiller unit.


Isn’t this video from last year’s CES? It says 2017.

(Hah! They’ve got one of my masks in their display)


Yes, my friend uses a five-gallon bucket partly filled with distilled water. She has a submerged pump to run the water to and from the water intake and outlet on the back of the unit.


It also can’t do grayscale engraves, or vary by power engraves, or 3d engraves.

The Glowforge is WAY more bang for the buck.


I’m really surprised they haven’t improved that yet!

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You’re more kind than all the folks who YouTubed their bricked Muse experiences & their adventures with FSL support :slight_smile:

But, I didn’t think they had anything new this year. They weren’t even showing at NYMF this fall. Didn’t they stop the work on their own when they licensed the design to Dremel for the DigiLab?

Is the sidecar chiller that Dremel was showing off in September not an option on the Muse? That thing was a cube about 10x10x8" and enclosed - just the tubes for the water and the cord for the power.


That sounds much better than the bucket (she’s at a middle school, and I keep imagining a bucket getting knocked over by accident). They bought the Muse in June, so the Dremel chiller wasn’t out yet. The (big) upgrade chiller last year didn’t seem worth it.

Jimmy DiResta likes his Muse.


How does that work?

The date of this video is
Published on Jan 11, 2017
So over 1 year ago (year and 2 weeks?). Haven’t heard a whle lot about it in the past few months once GFs started shipping…:thinking:


It will be interesting to see if Dremel demands incredible performance before they launch it under their name. I would hope they would. If Dremel shapes the product up and makes it great, it certainly could be some competition for GF…but I am not bailing on GF.


Wow. Talk about bad timing. If they had put their all into that machine during the GF delay they would have flipped most of us. I’m glad they didn’t. I really am. That muse looks to me like a laser cutter. The GF has way more soul. I like it way better. But that video did make me realize how bummed I will be in the not too distant future when the next GF or competitor comes out with the removable floor, the proper height pass-through where you can stick thick stuff through, a rotating thingy so I can sell rolling pins to wives with their husbands name on it, and a piviting head that does bevel cuts (oh yeah. I’m on a roll) and a USB connection with local cutting capability. And it comes in designer colors.

This machine will be outdated quickly. My band saw is older than me but this will look like a BetaMax in a few years. So I’m adding one last thing to the list… Introducing the Glowforge Founder Trade-in Program where we, those crazy genius fools who put big money on the line and saw the whole two year adventure through, get a generous credit towards the Glowforge 2 by showing proof that we donated our original machines to a school or non profit maker space.

Not too much to ask, right?


They did put their all into it – into getting it out as fast as possible. Glowforge basically created a new market segment, and FSL wanted to capitalize on it so they rushed this thing into production. The shortcuts and lack of attention to detail shows in the major problems their first customers experienced. Now Dremel is supposedly fixing it up before launching their rebadged version, so when you look at it all together, turns out it takes quite a while to make a decent machine.


I can’t even. Words fail.

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