And my obsession with dragons continue

For Halloween this year, I am going dragon!
I have already made a flying dragon mobile, now its time for the centerpiece
a real fire breathing dragon, i have been randomly posting bits of it all over the forum
and thought I would put it all in one place.

since building the body would be impossible, I am designing a ‘cave’ where the dragon will have his head poking out and flaming…

SO to start Here is my fire testing the dragon head


So…pilot light?


no, I am trying again with a 12v 1000k igniter, the issue with a pilot light is then more tubes to run, and deal with it blowing out (it will be outside) I need something that will light the LP every time…
(in short bursts)


I’ve reflected on this at times and knowing that there are insects that mix two chemicals together to create stuff, I figure dragons must have some type of gland system that makes an hypergolic fuel that ignites when mixed. It’s really the only way they could be fire breathing without a pilot light.


Very cool! I was playing with the same idea but was sitting in a camp full of tiki torches at the time. So…

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When I was younger and braver, we used to experiment some with pure sodium and magnesium…I’m wiser now…

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NERD!!! :nerd_face:

but then again, so am I


Trick or treating at your house will be epic this year!

Making outside dragon for porch light / streetlight

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