And so it begins... Surprised it took this long | MakeBlock / Laserbox

The feature set is remarkably close to the Glowforge. Among other things. But has additional feature sets that the Glowforge does not have.

Looks like the Glowforge still has an edge on the integrated cooling and air assist.

Let the innovation wars begin.


“Surprised it took so long.” I’m guessing that making an affordable, user-friendly laser is more difficult than it seems. :upside_down_face:

I’m a GF devotee, so I doubt I’ll make a jump to a new machine anytime soon. I am in :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart: with the GFUI (and the ethos of the company and this community). I don’t think I’d still have a laser without it.

I am a crafter with simple needs. Currently, GF exceeds them all. I am also short on free time. I’d love to delve into all the creative, time-intensive projects others create here. However, I already give up sleep sometimes for my job. :scream:

However, I must admit, the marketing on the Laserbox is pretty slick. Is that a tiny air filter? Whoa.


Pretty close visual comparison. I see that it is not available in the United States.

Here is Naomi Wu’s take on it.

Looks like linear rails.


The linked site is a bit thin on details in the specification section. No clear sign of pass through ( or not) for example. so thus far, my reaction is meh’

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Easy enough to add that. They do have the much requested “pause on lid open” feature :blush:


Oh… look at the file formats :slight_smile:


I hadn’t watched Naomi’s video until @marmak3261 posted it. Now I’m intrigued by this machine. Their filter/exhaust system looks interesting.


And… temperature range

Laserbox is equipped with a RECI CO2 laser tube. This type of laser tubes has a lifespan of approximately 10,000 hours, but the actual life is dependent on the actual usage. Keep the ambient temperature between 0 to 35℃ during operation because a high-temperature environment may accelerate the aging process of laser tubes.


BTW, if you missed it:

*This product is not available in the United States.


Yup. One of the things I wish the Glowforge had. Thou delrin wheels on aluminum rails do work, but overtime either the wheels wear down or the rails or crap gets between them. Which then affects the accuracy overtime.

At any rate regardless of availability, its nice someone else is improving upon the general concept.


Makers Muse just posted a review. Not quite a shilly as previous. He discusses GF as well.


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