And the award goes to

My friend’s organisation has an annual poetry competition that spans several cities. San Antonio is hosting in a few weeks and she doesn’t have anything to hand to the winners. She needs something quick and cheap. Good thing she knows someone with a :glowforge:!

Using some Baltic Birch, MDF and a sheet of clear acrylic I start working.

Here are the awards with a Puritan Pine stain drying.

For the base I sandwiched MDF with two pieces of plywood stained with English Chestnut. Scored the Texas Star and with crystal clear Acrylic I cut out the Alamo to sit in front of the Plaque.

A completed award. The Alamo sits perfectly in front of the award title without obscuring it.
A short time lapse of the last three awards getting etched. No I did not miss spell the last one. Seems last year the person who did the awards miss spelled Haiku. They now want to make it a tradition.


Cool! :grinning:

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Nice job!

Well done! The acrylic Alamo is a really nice touch.

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Thank you. I felt that was my biggest contribution to the award. She wanted something that said “San Antonio”, despite the logo having it in lettering. I felt the ‘ghost’ imagery of an acrylic Alamo conveyed it best. Subtle, so it wouldn’t overpower the rest of the award.


I love these awards! Cool fonts too.

Very nice, Great use of imagery in the acrylic to convey a sense of presence.

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