And the week begins

And I didn’t get to use my tame house lazer this weekend. Though I did get to spend a few hours sipping coffee and readying designs before the whirlwind took off. Stupid adulting, getting in the way of lazering things.

Began prepping the papercraft files I got for cutting into the veneer that should be showing up today, almost done with the knitting needle gauge for the wife, and fixed the files for the button cover whosit, thingy. Also managed to make my will save not to buy more materials while out and about. And might have started poking at vinyl cutters to decide which is the right one, If anyone has any recommendations for that I’d appreciate it.


Vinyl cutter, like a machine other than the GF? I found this by accident on “Michael’s” website. The

Since everyone is all like “RARGH, Lasering vinyl releases bad chemical death!!!” I’m not willing to put Vinyl into my glowforge.

But cause I’m already practicing my design-fu with cutting stuff with lazers, and I’ve decided that I need vinyl sticker teeth for my glowforge… and some long spindly arms, cause, yes, the nice white box looks too friendly to contain all that lazery goodness. I think It needs to look like a mimic from darksouls.

Also the wife has been pestering me to get some kind of cutting machine for her planner books. I’ve prodded the cameo 3, and the circut, and the KnK zing orbit, I’m just looking for something to recommend one over the others or even if there is another kind I haven’t prodded over with my lookin holes.


For vinyl, I’ve had both the Cricut and Silhouette Cameo (which I use on a regular basis now). I think the Cricut had a little better hardware, but the software was quite limited (at least it was about 2 years ago when I had mine). I much prefer the Silhouette software - you can do so much more with it. And the newer Cameo hardware has more features like the Cricut now.

I’d highly recommend the Silhouette Cameo - it is a great machine.


That is kind of the one I’m leaning towards, being able to just stop on the way out and pick it up tickles my need for immediate gratification. The price tag isn’t that bad, and I know there are a variety of materials ready made for it not to mention a large userbase to search for answers.

The wife said that, for me, I should look at the KnK zing 'cause it also does heavy leather and can do sheet metal. But it is more expensive, and the reviews say it has a steep learning curve. But I can see the appeal of having an industrial type machine with the way my general crafting tends to run more towards, “Post-apocalypse, tribal”

I’m still leaning more towards the Cameo, at least to begin with.

I have an older KNK and it has been a champ. I chose a big 24" model though, which has worked out well as I did some window signage.

Buy once, cry once. :slight_smile:

I have used the Cameo for years, having given up on the Cricut when it was still cartridge based. I do most of my designing for the Glowforge in the Silhouette software. It is well featured in my opinion. Vector editing is easy. It has a good trace function for blocks of color (not gradients). One caveat, to export as an SVG or Glowforge ready PDF, you have to upgrade to the business Edition, about a$100 one time cost. It’s nice to use one program for vinyl suits in the Cameo and cutting/ engraving in the Glowforge.