And then suddenly, without warning, there it was!

I have been hitting refresh on my email on a pretty regular basis hoping to get my tracking number. The Golden Email came Oct 3rd. Luckily I had my Glowforge delivered to work because “Lust for Light” showed up with no advanced warning. The email from Glowforge with tracking info showed up about 20 minutes later. Box is in good shape with 3 handles left. GF looks to be in good shape but I am a mess because I will be staring at this giant box for 7 more hours.


Congrats and SURPRISE!!!


Congrats! :smile:

3 Handles!!! Holy Smokes that is the highest count I’ve seen. Tied for the record or Winning I don’t know.

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Awesome! Congrats!

We’ve had one miracle delivery :blush:


How is it easier to deliver a 70lb magical laser machine than it is to deliver an email?


Flicking that little tab on the right is all it takes to release the handle from the box. Maybe GF should stick some packing tape over the edge of the handle.


Did you seriously name your GF after an Iggy Pop tune?!?

That’s rad :grin:


Thank you for noticing!



How exciting!!! Congratulations!

This only seems to be a problem in the northern CA area where UPS ground is effectively overnight. My guess is Flex, or UPS, sends them a daily report each night of what went out the door and then customer service sends the emails the next day. As he had it delivered to a business address UPS MyChoice is NA. Could it be better, sure, but of everything that needs improvement…

the northern CA area where UPS ground is effectively overnight.

This statement makes me tear up with joy. I was so hoping this might be the case. I could drive there in 1.5 hours. #NorCal

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If you want to be sure you can go to the UPS website, find their ground delivery map and enter your zip code and one for Sunnyvale, CA and verify their estimated delivery time.

Word of caution, if you fill up with too much joy, the UPS happy customer detector will sniff you out and reroute your package through Venezuela. :wink:


Ahahahaha, don’t worry… I’m tamping it down.