And yet another acrylic sign

This is for my older son…can’t market it since the character image not mine, even though I drew it from the small Pokemon card and changed it by putting in shadows that were not there…:wink:

I used a combination of raster etching and vector etching (the shading)


Very cute! (Or scary, as the case may be!) :relaxed:

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This is the inspiration. Gengar. Third evolution of Ghastly.


Like yours better! :smile:

Larger pupils. Different orientation on the teeth that makes it more aesthetically pleasing.


Its soo cool!! the design :grinning: and that you know that is the third evolution of Ghastly :wink:

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Dude I’m half way to level 25 on Pokemon Go…lol
My 22 year old was big into Pokemon as well as my 12 year old…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
We still play Pokemon on the N64


My parents, even my sister (not a pokemon fan) still thinks all of them are Pikachu :sweat_smile:

So that and the way you show everything you do to those noobs in laser (like me) makes you cool :sunglasses:


Yours looks WAY better than theirs :grinning:
This is something that I am very interested in doing when I get my Glowforge. I am guessing that the base is one of the menu lights that you told us about a while ago. I bought some to be ready for when I can make some acrylic signs. How did you get the teeth to be so white?

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Its the same as the outline engrave on the eyes but the camera just picked it up as a solid color so it washed out as white…

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When you make the parallel lines in the eyes, do you have to draw them separately or is there a way that corel draw can do it for you. I am just starting to learn corel draw, so any tips are very appreciated.

For the eyes I used contour. For the other lines as in the Shadows on the arms I used blend. There was quite a bit of tweaking involved LOL


Hahaha! My mom calls Pikachu the yellow hamster thing. Just the other day she goes “Oh that yellow hamster is popular again!” Lol


All the fine lines are just way cool looking.


The shading is an interesting technique!
Adds a lot. Didn’t occur to me that was possible.


Sooo cool! Much talent!

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Well, now you know…lol :smile:

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