Android Silicone Watch Band suppliers?

I bought a Skagen (Android) smart watch. I want to find some 22mm silicone watch bands that I can engrave and use with my watch. I searched the community and didn’t see anything other than Apple. I also wanted to hopefully use a vendor someone has used and recommends.

I’d also be interested in some leather bands to engrave, but would we know whether they were the safe leather or not?

I’m surely not the only Android user in this community; love this watch!
Skagen Smart Watch

Note: The watch band is actually more of a denim blue (my screens it looks blue green).

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It looks like Skagen has a proprietary connector the same (but different from) as Apple - but the bands are definitely available in silicone: Watch Straps - Buy Skagen watch straps online

Engraving it should be similar settings as well, but you’ll probably want to buy a sacrificial one to run tests on.

Leather will always give off some pretty terrible fumes - but the issue there is more often it’s bad for you than your laser. Make sure you are exhausting really well, and not into (for example) a playground, but other than that you should be fine engraving the little space of a watch band. If you were planning on turning this into a business you’d probably want to invest in some serious PPE.

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This subject…watch bands…was being discussed on the Facebook GUG page, today. Apparently, Apple came down on tons of sellers in Etsey for selling customized silicone bands with that proprietary connector. There are many people who are engraving watch bands and selling them and will now have to stop or risk being shut down. I’m wondering now if other brands are going to be doing the same thing.

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Not sure why that’s legal unless the bands they engraved were bought from someone who didn’t have rights to make the bands with the proprietary connection.

If you buy a legal product, you’re allowed to modify it (or not) and resell it except in limited circumstances like performance tickets (no scalping).

If it’s because the bands they bought to engrave weren’t legally manufactured/sold, then Apple should be going after AliExpress or Amazon which is where the etsy engraver probably bought them.

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I’ve bought a few on Amazon myself, a long time ago. The posters said that Amazon had in that short time taken down the ones they had been buying. This is all second, third hand information that I’m sharing here…so you know. :grimacing: That being said, there are many that post there that don’t know anything about anything, too…so there’s that.

FWIW, the ones i bought are still available on amazon.

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