Android Vector Apps Write up for Android Tablet

Tl;dr pay $10 for Concepts Android App if you want to draw vector paths on an Android tablet.
Question: What tablet should I get so I can get away from being at my computer desk alllllll the time?

I have a lovely pos small windows tablet that uses a mushy tipped stylus. I tried art programs on it, liked none + crappy touch screen (no digitizer). I refuse to buy into the Apple ecosystem, because we don’t get a long.

Answer: Samsung Tab S4. Best and most applicable review of it, from an artists viewpoint, if you are looking to buy. Has a pen and a digitizer… I love this thing. Note, it is not the spankin’ newest, the S5.

Now I needed an app that I can draw puzzles and puzzle lines into. Basically tried all of them.
Tl;dr again:

  • Best for drawing SVG paths: Concepts.
  • Best for drawing SVG shapes: Adobe Draw
  • Best interface overall: Autodesk

Hopefully dirtying up my hard disk can help other laser designers out ;p .

WORKS :heart_eyes:

Concepts - $10 SVG and image importing paywall. You can export to PDF for free, which can be opened in Illustrator as vector paths. Any vector will need to be Path>Simplify-d, handy that Adobe just came out with an update on that ;p
Inkredible handwriting - PDF export test: worked, exports as a bajillion nodes. Save as AI and then Simplify. Won’t allow you to turn the artwork at any angle. Kind of glitchy.

KIND OF WORKS :sweat_smile:

Adobe Illustrator Draw - Useful for filled shapes like handwritten text, but otherwise No. Draws in SVG, but it exports to Illustrator as filled shapes, a line is not a single path = double line problem. Workaround by rastering then image tracing :roll_eyes: Fun to open Illustrator on Desktop with my tablet though ;p Imports to Photoshop as image.

Ivy Draw - clumsy interface, but workable. $ SVG is behind paywall, so I didn’t try that.

Pluma Vector SVG - Yes, but. Very ugly interface. Very un-intuitive. Does have layers and SVG export. Testing: works very well :astonished: saving is a multi-step process, export SVG, then go to file explorer and share from there to Gdrive.

Squid - Meh, too much work to get it good. Export to PDF only. Import pic, no layers, but can select image separate to delete. PDF export: every pair of nodes is a separate path :roll_eyes:. Join to make them all connect, delete extra connections.

Papersimple - yes but, single line SVG export, test: can’t change import image size, some too much smoothing on pen. Very simple, but messy SVG export file handling (makes multiples).

Handwrite Pro- PDF export, SVG $3.50 paywall export. Layers, photo import. No layer lock, does a great job on palm detection and line following for s-pen. Would be nice to rotate page and gesture undo or corner undo, but does have volume undo. PDF exports as a bajillion nodes. Save as AI and then Simplify. Works but not as well as inkredible for me.

Inker - smooths out details too much.

NOPE :sob:

Autodesk Sketchbook - Love the interface. Layers, shortcuts for undo/redo, change tool/color. Drew out my octopus doubles puzzle using the mirror/rotate tool. Can draw mandalas or snowflakes pretty easily. Can record yourself drawing. Can save as flat PNG with any layers that were visible to device or Gdrive. Will need to image trace.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch - No. Like painting. Imports to AI and PS as image, so if you are using the Adobe Draw workaround, skip the rastering step and image trace to get paths. Doesn’t work for drawing straight to vector paths.

Vs Vdraw - No. Vector paths are not smooth. Each node is sharp with straight lines.

Vector Asset Creator - No. Can’t actually draw paths, must select each segment of path.

Vector Artist free - No. can only draw one"shape" at a time, undo kicks you out of shape drawing.

SVG Notes - No. menu automatically pulls up keyboard every time. No image import or layers.

Grapholite Vector Art Studio - No. last updated 2017. No image import, SVG paths render badly, not smooth at all.

Infinite design - No. SVG exports as shapes, not paths.
Infinite painter- photoshop export

Androink graphics editor - No. Bad.

Skedio - No. $ SVG export, no layers, paths are smoothed of all details, no way to adjust settings.

Sketch box free - No. PNG only.

Ibis paint x - No. PNG/JPG only

Pocket paint - No. canvas flashes a lot, no idea where saved, only PNG.

Medibang - No. PNG and JPG only.

David android vector icon draw - No. useless for path only. Only shapes.

Artecture - No. only exports in JPG/PNG/BMP

Calligrapher- No. UNSTABLE. Crashed when trying to save to Gdrive.

Jump paint - need an account. Possibly PSD format?

Bamboo paper- no. No layers. Exported PDF turns into image.

Layerpaint zero- no. Photoshop image export, kind of clunky.

Sketch- No. Exported as two image layers. Nice interface though. Layers.

ScribMaster - $ No. SVG export paywall. Ugly interface. Can’t lock layers or rotate imported photo.

Artflow - $ PSD export paywall, PNG, JPG.

Artrage - $, PNG, JPG.

Lecturenotes - layers suck. PDF exports as image.
Know of anything else available in the Google Play store, or use a different app, please chime in ;p


I don’t even use an Android tablet but this is a great resource, thanks for posting!


I’m schizophrenic when it comes to os, android phone and iPad for tablet. Concepts is the best of the ones available for both.
Good write up!
I try enough stuff that I should probably do this for iOS.


Wow! You’ve been busy!

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It was over a couple of weeks or so, but I kept notes because it is easy to forget which ones I had already tried ;p

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